Call Center Coaching Makes Life Easier For Everyone

Posted by Linda Caudle

1/17/13 1:54 PM


Call center coaching is the practice of providing your agents with the personalized training, objective feedback and information they need to perform at their best. It’s a continual process of evaluating behavior, and improving it through training and motivation. The Envision software platform makes coaching and workforce management simple for contact center supervisors and agents, and leads to better service and increased customer loyalty.


Click2Coach streamlines the coaching process for agents because supervisors can deliver coaching material straight to the agent desktop where agents can quickly consume it in the comfort of their desks in between calls. This automated coaching can be in the form of evaluations integrated with customer interaction records, verbal and written feedback, training content and centralized information about the company, contact center and customers. This allows an agent to own their performance and be responsible for their own improvement, as well as be recognized for their good work. This kind of agent empowerment means that agents will be happier in their position and motivated to excel, which helps reduce the rate of turnover.


From a supervisor's perspective, Click2Coach makes it easy to navigate from one customer interaction to another. A supervisor can evaluate dozens of calls, send out coaching packages and schedule one-on-one meetings with ease. They are able to create tailor-made training on the fly, send an existing eLearning clip or use real world examples of best practice phone calls or other customer interactions to send to agents. All of this allows supervisors to provide more one-on-one coaching for agents and deliver it faster than ever before, which leads to better customer service and retention.


At the management tier, analytics captures customer and agent data to provide insight into what’s happening in the contact center and show trends in order to make educated decisions and drive improvements in quality assurance. As time goes on, this data can be used to create further best practices which can then be applied to multiple call centers, creating a unified customer experience.

Ultimately, Click2Coach allows a business or organization to listen to their customers in a way they wouldn't otherwise be able, which leads to customer loyalty and measurable ROI.

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