Click2Coach Cloud Delivers the Future of Contact Center Software

Posted by Ron Strandin

6/20/14 8:42 AM


When Envision started nearly 20 years ago, Envision was the first to put CTI, computer/telephony integration into a call quality product. Having the best technology at the time wasn’t enough though. We needed to ensure we gave them the tools to not only identify problems, but to make their agents better.

Click2Coach was initially created on the premise to make agents more effective. And that was revolutionary. Now, we are setting out to revolutionize the market again with Click2Coach Cloud. In our second video, I explain some of the history of Envision and the path we’ve taken to deliver the first cloud-based contact center solution with all of the features and functionality enterprise users expect at a price that enables SMBs to utilize the solution.



The reality is, the needs of customers have changed. Contact center software needs to change along with those needs. With multiple touch points throughout the entire service process and the implementation of IVR, the process for offering successful customer service and support is broader than ever. Call recording is just the tip of the iceberg for what technology companies of any size need in order to ensure that they are delivering not only quality customer service, but also making their workforce as efficient and effective as possible. By implementing a contact center solution that offers full functionality from call analysis to coaching packages to voice-of-the-customer data capture, businesses can offer a consistent and efficient customer experience from the research phase through the repeat customer and referral phase.

The best part? With Envision, it’s now less expensive to do this. With dynamic contact center pricing that supports a per user per month model and because we have shifted to cloud-based technologies, we are not only able to reduce subscription costs, there are a multitude of savings possible as well. No more expensive switches, no more additional phone lines or expensive hardware capital requirements. If you can't get $50 per agent per month of value out of our solution, then don't move forward.

But we let our customers say it the best:

“We are able to get more functionality at $50 per agent than I received previously with a competitive $50,000 system,” said Victoria Cosby, Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc. Manager.

So, if you’re ready to revolutionize your contact center experience, request a demo and learn how it can work for you.

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