Contact Center Agent Coaching and Training Software Turns New Agents Into Experts

Posted by John Rake

5/4/15 8:30 AM

Click2coach workforce optimizationAny C-level executive who has been involved with onboarding new employees knows the process can be daunting. The practice of identifying prospects, interviewing candidates and then finally making a hiring decision is quite time-consuming and intense, because making the wrong choice can set your company back in both productivity and revenue.

But as an executive, you also understand full well that the stress isn’t over when you choose the candidates you want to hire. Conversely, things will actually heat up in the ensuing months as your managers are tasked with bringing these new employees up to speed on the company’s best practices as quickly as possible without missing any crucial steps.

Striking a balance between getting new hires all the training they need while simultaneously scaling them to maximum workload can be tricky, particularly for contact center agents that will inevitably have to deal with high-pressure situations starting the day they hit the floor. Put bluntly, throwing poorly trained agents into customer interactions is a little like throwing them to sharks. Training is also stressful for supervisors, as they have their own heavy workload to juggle, meaning any time set aside for contact center agent training and coaching must be used efficiently.  

If you feel like your company’s agent training procedures could be streamlined and improved, but call center best practices is not your core competency, investing in third-party training from an industry expert can help resolve this problem. For example, Envision’s services provide assistance at every stage of the training process, including:

On-site Training

Envision will send instructors to your facility who will lead your new hires in hands-on exercises that give incoming agents a feel for what they’ll encounter once they start taking calls. As an Envision customer, you receive up to 20 hours of instructor-led training. During each session, a training specialist will help you customize your contact center solution to maximize productivity while meeting your business needs.

Post-Implementation Training

Unlike some other companies, Envision doesn’t abandon you the second your initial training program is complete. As part of our Enhanced Support package, a training specialist will contact you 30 to 40 days after on-site training to answer any further questions or make recommendations for future coaching and training exercises. In other words, Envision is a partner in the truest sense of the word.

Yearly Two-day Site Visit

Again, Envision prides itself on its commitment to helping customers. The Enhanced or Enhanced Plus support package also entitles you to an annual visit from a professional services engineer or a trainer. A two-day site visit from one of these professionals includes:

  • Time with a manager on your staff to define your training needs
  • Two days of solution training based on your specific needs
  • Opportunity for on-site consulting to help maximize your investment in Envision technology.

Customer Intimacy web training series

Envision offers web-based advanced learning opportunities for customers who have completed onsite implementation training. These interactive sessions advance your contact center’s knowledge and optimize your use of Envision solutions by helping your organization become more efficient and effective.

Ongoing Training

Every department in every organization evolves over time, and the contact center is no exception. That’s why we offer our customers the chance to leverage continuous training after they complete the initial training phase.

We Are Here to Help

Stressing out about your hiring practices or trying to micromanage the situation is counterproductive to your objective. Furthermore, as an executive you simply don’t have time to devote hours to finding ways to make the process more efficient. Envision’s professional services can be an invaluable resource for your business—all you have to do is reach out your hand.

To read about our wealth of client successes, click here to read one of our case studies.

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