Contact Center Agent Coaching: Are You Doing Your Part to Help Agents Improve Performance?

Posted by John Rake

6/2/15 7:30 AM

Click2coach workforce optimizationCompanies expect a lot out of their contact center agents, and with good reason: Agents carry a lot of responsibility in terms of upholding the company reputation and providing a consistent, positive customer experience. Agents directly represent the company, so it’s worth spending some time ensuring they are properly and efficiently trained. If your agents are not well-trained, performance will inevitably decline, as will customer satisfaction and, eventually, business revenue.

Ensure your agents can perform to their utmost ability by implementing quality agent training software, such as Envision’s Click2Coach, which gives you the tools you need to facilitate excellent customer-to-agent interactions. Click2Coach is a no hassle way to use in-house data that’s gathered by the software to coach your agents and improve the vitality of your company.

There’s no denying it, even the most dedicated agents will not live up to their full potential without top-flight training. However, with Click2Coach, agents are supplied with practical coaching information that makes it easy for them to flourish. The software records screen and voice data from customer interactions, and tracks agent desktop keystrokes and application workflow prior to and through the interaction process.

The ability to record and manage all customer-agent activity in the same program significantly reduces lead time and limits the amount of time and work managers invest in training. The program sifts through customer data, and provides agents with the most relevant information to agent specific modules. Supervisors can easily create customizable evaluations to effectively monitor agent performance according to company guidelines. Managers and supervisors are also able to annotate recorded agent interactions with suggestions for improving skills. The solution also gives agents the ability to access training tools right from their desktops in real time—even between customer interactions.

Because agents can access coaching anytime from a very accessible platform, training time and expenses are significantly cut. Plus, agents will go from feeling like “new” or “inexperienced” agents to comfortable and self-assured ones much faster than they would using conventional training methods. This ongoing communication cycle of feedback and training delivered everyday forms a way for contact centers to develop and, more importantly, retain polished agents—all the while improving overall consumer satisfaction.


What’s not to like? By simply installing a service like Click2Coach, companies can now use their own data to improve contact center solutions across the board, ensuring an excellent customer take-away.

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