Contact Center Agent Coaching: Are You Stuck With Cookie-Cutter Evaluations?

Posted by John Rake

5/26/15 9:30 AM

click2coach-workforce-optimization-400x75You’ve spent all week observing your contact center agents’ performance and are finally ready to sit down and write your evaluations. Unfortunately, from past experience, you know that you’re going to have to jam a square peg into a round hole to complete these reports, because you are still using cookie-cutter evaluation forms. Rating your representatives on a 1-5 scale for a number of basic categories gives them only a surface-level view of their performance and areas for improvement, thereby limiting your ability to conduct effective contact center agent coaching and training.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all form created for 1,000 different businesses, what you really need are more in-depth evaluations tailored specifically to the areas of performance most important to your individual company. Click2Coach, Envision’s unique contact center software, allows contact center supervisors to create just such customized evaluations.

For example, your company may not place a high value on average call time (ACT) as a key performance indicator because your customers generally have complex queries. With that in mind, you can create an evaluation that puts less emphasis on ACT and more on call resolution percentage, for example, to calculate an overall score. You can easily create templates for your evaluations with Click2Coach software, and then publish them for use by other supervisors in your company as well.

Click2Coach also makes it easy to create and distribute customer surveys that align with your evaluations. After all, if you are giving your agents high marks for calls but customers aren’t grading the service the same way, your rating isn’t particularly apt or useful.

Once you’ve created customized evaluation forms for your company, Click2Coach also makes it easier to provide agents with the tools they need to improve their performance. The software enables managers to:

  • Make annotations on evaluated interactions to specify areas for skill development
  • Author a brief instructional video for an agent on the fly
  • Link to a Web page or best practices document in your training library
  • Bundle coaching and training materials together in a package and send to a representative right from your desk with the push of a button


In business, flexibility is almost always a good thing, and contact center evaluations are no exception. For more information about how Click2Coach can help you improve your coaching and training efforts, visit our Resource Library.

Topics: agent performance, coaching, workforce management, coaching and training

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