Contact Center Agents Have Spoken: They Want Better Technology

Posted by Rodney Kuhn

6/5/15 12:04 PM

Agent_Smiling_6.5.15More fulfilled contact center agents lead to more satisfied customers. This, of course, leads to higher profits. So for contact center managers, the question that should be top of mind is: “How can I support my agents so that they can reach this level of fulfillment?”

There are a number of ways this can be done; however, research shows that the right contact center technology is the way to go. Specifically, according to PGi’s 2015 Workplace Resolutions Survey, “technology implementation” was ranked as one of the top needs by surveyed workers.

Let’s take a closer look at why contact center agents desire better technology—and the benefits that managers can reap by reinvesting:

Training, coaching and personal development: In order to identify areas of improvement, as well as to recognize shining moments in which agents exceed expectations, the right training, coaching and personal development practices must be implemented. Certain capabilities within the right contact center software solution should enable managers to support these initiatives.

For instance, if an agent is struggling with a certain protocol—say, a procedure implemented during seasonal or holiday periods—the manager can review call and desktop recordings from that individual agent to see what missteps were taken during customer interactions. Managers can review what applications were opened and what codes were entered into the company’s ERP or CRM system, for example, to ensure the agent takes the right steps moving forward.

In addition to fulfilling agents by continually empowering and challenging them, companies that offer extensive training opportunities are considered more attractive to prospective employees. A company that proves it is invested in its employees’ well-being is an enticing reason to stay on for the long-term. For managers, reduced employee churn leads to cost savings, as well as increases the chance of every customer speaking with a highly-trained agent who is committed to the company’s values.

Enable remote work: A flexible remote work policy is appealing to prospective and existing agents, as it provides the opportunity to work around their existing schedules and can accommodate physical disabilities, which may limit mobility. This reflects the findings of a recent study conducted by Virgin Pulse in which nearly one-third  of respondents cited “maintaining good health, including physical, mental and social” as the No. 1 aspect driving their overall well-being and happiness.

As opposed to traditional, physical hardware, a flexible contact center software solution can be deployed on any desktop or laptop wherever agents are located. Not only does this keep employees more fulfilled, but it enables management to seek and hire top performing talent regardless of geographic disparity.

Keeping agents happy is as simple as providing them with the right tools for the job. An archaic, outdated solution will only set agents up for failure; however, supporting employees with the right technology will lead managers down the promising (and profitable) road of sky-high high employee retention.

Topics: workforce optimization, agent coaching, agent performance, Contact Center Technology

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