Contact Center PCI Compliance Made Easy

Posted by Linda Caudle

9/26/13 10:32 AM


There’s no disputing the fact that the purchasing habits of consumers have drastically changed as today’s consumers have a great deal of payment options to choose from. However – with more than 66 percent of all transactions made with a payment card – consumers’ data is more susceptible to theft than ever before.

In fact, 2012 saw a record-breaking number of data breaches with high-profile companies like Yahoo and Zappos experiencing major financial blows. With hackers becoming savvier, it’s critical for companies, particularly contact centers, to safeguard sensitive payment card data.

To minimize the risk of customer payment card data getting into the wrong hands, many contact centers have adopted the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) as their security standard. PCI DSS – developed by American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and JCB International – is comprised of 12 requirements that set a baseline against which to measure and grade a vendor’s data security practices.

Staying in compliance is often easier said than done as PCI-DSS standards state that, unless necessary for legal or regularly purposes, payment card information should not be saved or stored, which can be challenging for many contact centers.

With Envision’s PCI security solution, compliance is made easy as the solution’s pause and resume feature automatically freezes the interaction when it detects that a particular field or window is in use – depending on your requirements – then automatically resumes when the interaction no longer needs to be hidden.

Moreover, its customizable programming gives you the capability to program the system to not record any types of data you don’t want capture whether its credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, patient names or passwords.

In today’s world, PCI-DSS compliance is a must. Secure your reputation and your customers’ data with the right PCI security solution.

To learn more about Envision’s contact center PCI compliance and security, click here.

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