Customers Are Always Saying Something Important: Are You Listening to the Voice of the Customer data?

Posted by John Rake

5/11/15 7:30 AM

Click2coach workforce optimizationThe voice of the customer is valuable. In the contact center realm, time is of the essence. In only a matter of seconds, customers can decide to leave your business completely or choose to upgrade their account, solely based on their interaction with an agent. Making sure agents are prepared to effectively handle customers is indispensible to retaining and fostering new customer relationships. Get the most out of your agents with an evaluation tool that allows supervisors to collect interaction data and sort through it automatically for the “golden nuggets” of data in each call. Voice of the Customer (VOC) analysis can give you an edge over the competition by addressing issues early on. While other companies may merely respond to preexisting complaints, your company can get ahead of this curve and begin instituting trends, a huge advantage.

Even when it may not be blatantly obvious, agents nowadays are constantly gathering valuable data about customer likes and dislikes, habits and tendencies. Envision’s VOC offers an interaction evaluation survey that immediately tells what customers ordered, the process that was followed, what they complained about, why they complained, and any possible patterns emerging. Agents can then use this data—right from their desk—to map out what to improve on in future interactions.

By using a system like Envision’s VOC, companies can gain operational insight to improve the quality of its agents and further determine ways to heighten the customer experience. Say, for example, the VOC program finds that customers tend to hang up after being on hold for more than 5 minutes. Companies can then decide to focus on shortening wait times. Without the VOC, your company may never fully realize this hypothetical trend, and therefore lose out on the option to fix it.

Identifying and measuring trends to see what topics are trending during interactions can help in creating strategic business decisions and reduce reaction time. The data can reveal trends in similar questions consistently asked which can then be leveraged to pin point a real or perceived problem. This ability to derive actionable information from the customer interaction will give a method to measure and increase the success of your business. Listening to your customers, the base of your company will make discovering present issues in your business model more evident and help executives make more informed decisions. Customer interactions always produce meaningful information—make sense of it all with the help Envision.

Topics: customer experience, data capture, customer loyalty

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