Does Your Industry Get the Most Customer Service Complaints?

Posted by Linda Caudle

8/5/14 11:39 AM


Social media platforms have become the new 1-800 number. With nearly one in four people worldwide projected to use social media in 2013, it comes as no surprise that customers are turning to these networking platforms to connect with brands and vice versa.

In fact, today’s 21st century customer prefers using social media for inquires as opposed to traditional customer service channels. Despite customer expectations and preferences, however, many businesses are still failing to deliver first-rate social customer support.

In the spirit of National Customer Service Week 2013, we wanted to share with you the highlights from a recent infographic from titled “Which Industries Get the Most Customer Service Complaints?” in which the company explored which two sectors are getting the customer service thumbs up and which two are getting the thumbs down.

Thumbs Down:

  • Technology: Surprisingly, the technology sector received a big thumbs down. The sector ranked sixth in positive customer service reactions, with 66 percent of survey respondents relaying negative responses and 48 percent feeling dissatisfaction with their experience. 
  • Financial: Financial institutions consistently rank low in social media customer service. In fact, credit card companies have the worst ratings. According to the aforementioned infographic, only 10 percent of social media users have positive experiences with financial services companies, while the majority of users (55 percent) have negative responses. The worst culprit –Bank of America.

Thumbs Up:

  • E-commerce: The e-commerce sector ranks 81.1 in customer satisfaction, well above the national average of 76.3 for industries as a whole.
  • Retail: Retail is the reigning champ in social customer service. The industry has an “excellent” (26.8 percent) rating among customers and receives 34 percent positive reactions from social media users.

Having trouble getting a handle on your social media customer support?  Invest in a coaching and training solution that teaches your agents how to be effective for whatever method your customers want to communicate with you—phone, email, chat or social media. 

To view the full infographic, click here.


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