Does Your Workforce Forecasting and Training Include Contact by Multimedia?

Posted by Linda Caudle

4/26/12 7:06 PM


In today's environment, it is important to forecast not only the amount of calls coming into your contact center but also be able to forecast faxes, web chats, and emails. With the importance on social media interactions as well, this is providing many challenges for contact center. Supervisors need the tools to train their agents with the skills to be able to respond to multimedia & social media inquiries from the customers.

The next generation is not using traditional methods of customer service channels; they are using social media, web chat & email. These contact channels are becoming increasingly popular changing the dynamic of the interaction from one to many. These new channels have seen a rise in and we do need to respond.

A contact center is not called a call center on purpose this day and age. Along with these new forms of media, contact center managers should staff to meet the new requirements. Different forms of media will require different skills and different agent coaching practices. No matter what form of interaction the customer chooses, it is important to ensure that they are treated the same. Agents should be cross trained so that if a customer contacts a center via email they will receive the same level of response and service as if they had called.

Topics: workforce management

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