Five Biggest Challenges for Contact Centers

Posted by Linda Caudle

3/2/14 3:45 PM


Today’s contact center is at the forefront of customer service, satisfaction, and retention. In many ways, it is the hub of the organization, making it a particularly challenging place to work and manage effectively. However, contact center challenges, while varied, are not insurmountable. Having the right tools on hand, such as voice of the customer data, can help the contact center stay organized and productive, meet customer expectations, and succeed in a competitive marketplace.
Below are the five top challenges facing contact centers, according to a survey conducted on the LinkedIn Contact Center Management and Operations Group, and advice for how to solve each.

Agent recruitment and retention: Contact centers have a reputation for having high turnover and for hiring employees with minimal qualifications and skills. Meeting customer needs and ensuring the continuing effectiveness of the contact center depends on hiring and retaining people who have the know-how and motivation to get the job done. Use voice of the customer data to capture what occurs during agent-customer interactions and to discover customer preferences and pain points. Contact center managers can then use that information to provide feedback to agents and fine tune interactions, giving agents the skills they need and keeping them motivated to stay on board.

Doing more with less: Budgets are tight, and contact centers are still viewed as cost centers by many organizations. The voice of the customer data that flows into your contact center daily via agent desktops, the telephone, social media, email, and the website can provide the data you need to illustrate the value of the contact center and show the results of service improvement initiatives. VoC programs can also highlight areas where you can streamline and improve efficiency to better your bottom line.

Capturing VoC data: Getting accurate, timely data is a huge challenge, then taking the next steps to analyze that information and put it to good use improving customer relationships are bigger challenges still. Choose a voice of the customer program that captures data across multiple channels and allows you to understand why customers call and what they need, beyond the simple metrics of abandon rate and handle time.

Meeting customer expectations: Customers are savvier and connected than ever before, and a single unsatisfactory experience can send them to a competitor. Know what customers are saying about your company on social media and elsewhere, and make it a goal to constantly improve service and exceed customer expectations.

Cost management: As budgets continue to shrink and contact center operations grow more complex, managers are faced with trying to control spending while ensuring their teams have the tools and systems they need to provide excellent service. It pays to invest in proven tools, such as a voice of the customer program, that provide a high ROI and help improve efficiency and productivity to minimize the drain on resources.

The modern contact center faces many challenges, but with the right tools and strategies in hand, managers can meet them and continue to exceed customer expectations.

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