How to Improve Your Customer Experience by Freshening Up Your CRM

Posted by John Rake

8/4/15 10:30 AM

Click2coach workforce optimizationHas your CRM seen better days? Though perhaps still fully functional, does its legacy architecture make it difficult to synchronize data? Are your employees using it for conversation tracking, agent performance monitoring, or any other essential features—or has it become simply an electronic rolodex?

An outdated CRM can undermine your business goals especially with regard to customer service. Companies run the risk of losing customers these days more from service process issues than product quality. A slipshod support experience can decidedly reduce the likelihood a customer will recommend a service or product or repurchase from that same company. Even if they don’t lead to customer churn, service issues can quickly eat away at company worth and profitability, as the cost to support a customer inquiry or complaint can be $2 to $11 per contact, according to aggregated industry reports.

If your company is experiencing any of these problems it should consider, with all due diligence, upgrading your CRM capabilities to make operations more efficient and improve customer experiences. But be informed that doing nothing will hinder the long-term success of your company.

What may be helpful if your CRM no longer makes the grade is software that includes tools like data mining, analytics and advanced agent monitoring. Envision’s Click2Coach is a perfect solution as it can be integrated with your company’s existing CRM and is a transformative asset for agent evaluation and training.

The Click2Coach workforce optimization solution can help organizations achieve entirely new levels of customer satisfaction in four distinct ways:

  1. Capture: phone, CTI, application workflow and desktop data in real time
  2. Analyze: quickly see trends so you can develop new strategies
  3. Optimize: increase the operational efficiency of your agents
  4. Take action: do something to make improvements using all this data

Your Click2Coach-improved CRM will help you improve your customers’ experience in three distinct areas as follow:

Robust speech analytics

With Click2Coach your contact center managers can leverage speech analytics to document interactions and gain new insights into dialogues between customers and agents. Speech can also be captured and converted into text for analysis, which enables supervisors to search for keywords and phrases easily and uncover trends easily.

Better customer surveys

Click2Coach provides the structure, format and criteria to decipher data collected from the customer and apply that information to business processes. Using this innovative software your managers can dive deeper into Voice of the Customer information and convert it into actionable data.

Better agent training capability

In many cases the first direct contact a customer has with your company is the through the contact center—and you only get that one chance to make a good first impression. Click2Coach helps turn those consumers into raving fans with:

o   Automatic customized coaching: Targets customized coaching of agents while they’re working. Training packets can be automatically sent to agents based on their customer interactions.

o   Right-time coaching: Delivers training content, schedules and coaching at selected times—immediately or based on scheduled sessions.

o   Common agent portal: Delivers all training information to a common agent desktop, so tools are always at an agent’s fingertips.


Let us help you increase agent performance, improve customer satisfaction and turn agents into brand champions. Click here for more information on Click2Coach.

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