Improve Customer Satisfaction with a Customer Self-Service Support Channel

Posted by John Rake

9/8/15 4:35 PM

Click2coach workforce optimizationWhile voice is still the primary communication channel preferred by consumers, self-service portals are becoming increasingly popular, according to Forrester. In fact, the use of Web self-service is sure to rise in 2014, with 72 percent of businesses already reporting a surge in customers preferring to find answers and resolve issues on their own.

A self-service portal allows customers to solve minor issues on their own, without the help of an agent. This mode of communication has many benefits including:

Increased agent productivity

Agents will spend the bulk of their time resolving problems and answering questions that require their expertise, rather than answering questions customers could resolve on their own. They will have the opportunity to focus on larger issues that require solutions and follow up, without being distracted by a multitude of short-term, minor problems.

Improved customer satisfaction

A self-service portal reduces call volumes and lowers customer wait times, because fewer customers who require quick, easy answers call in..

Decreased ticket volume

Think about it: a dozen customers with issues that take five minutes or less to fix equates to an hour of an agent’s time, and even more time spent opening, resolving, and closing out those 12 tickets. Diverting easy issues to a self-service portal reduces the number of tickets in your contact center. Plus, the tickets generated will concern issues that truly need resolution.

One caution: Don’t use a self-service portal as an excuse for contact center complacency. An effective contact center must still be prepared for live customer contact.

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