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Posted by John Rake

4/21/15 8:30 AM

Click2coach workforce optimizationDoes this sound familiar? You are a longtime contact center supervisor who has developed excellent instincts through the years. When a trend in customer interactions is emerging in your environment, you typically recognize it before most of your colleagues. The problem, however, is that your current contact center software solution—if you employ one—doesn’t have the functionality necessary to provide real-time data about interactions. As a result, you can’t confirm your suspicion that a trend is forming until it is too late to take any kind of meaningful action based on your intuitions.

For instance, let’s say you work for a retailer and as you walk around the contact center floor, you hear several agents answering questions about what clothing items are a good match with your company’s most popular winter coat. You think a trend might be developing, with many customers looking to make additional purchases after originally calling just to buy or ask questions about the jacket. But because you can only hear one conversation at a time, you can’t be sure this is anything more than just a coincidence. In other words, you are caught in a data silo.

If it turns out this is a trend, your agents will probably make a few additional sales when customers ask about what items go well with the jacket. But to maximize ROI, you need those representatives to be proactively asking every customer who buys or inquires about the coat if he or she is also interested in purchasing other winter items—gloves, scarves, boots etc.—to match. Each time a customer calls and purchases a winter coat and your agents don’t explore an upsell opportunity you are forfeiting potential revenue. And without a top-flight contact center solution, your agents won’t know to pounce on opportunities when they arise.

If this scenario hits a little too close to home, you’re not alone. The fact is, one-third of inbound contact centers have no processes or technology in place to alert sales teams to customer needs, or protect customers’ interests by making them aware of products or services that may help them, according to Dimension Data’s 2013-14 contact center benchmarking report. Not only is this a missed sales opportunity, it is poor customer service as well

Best-in-class contact center software provides you with the power to confirm your intuition that a trend is developing with customers reaching out to your contact center. These solutions come equipped with speech and data analytics that can pick out the most popular phrases and words callers are using, convert them into text and present them to you in an easy-to-understand visual diagram. So if phrases like “matching gloves” or “what items go well with this coat?” start to pop up frequently, you can be sure to let your agents know to test the waters for an upsell.

The only way to truly optimize your contact center is to marry your experience and instincts as a supervisor with software that provides real-time data that helps you take strategic action. Envision’s Click2Coach solution helps you collect and organize this crucial information by providing:


  • Trending reports for why customers are calling, profitability by product or offering, cost of service by product or offering, profitability or cost by customer
  • Full-circle Net Promoter Score
  • Lifecycle of an interaction
  • Summary reports for trending topics

Does more actionable data that provides real-time insight sound attractive to you? Click here to schedule a Click2Coach demo and get started right away.

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