Improving Contact Center Agent Effectiveness: Generating ROI With a 21st Century Contact Center

Posted by John Rake

6/23/15 6:30 AM

Click2coach workforce optimizationIf you’re looking to improve your contact center operations, hiring qualified agents and deploying a top-of-the-line customer relationship management solution are certainly steps in the right direction. These measures, however, are not the only pieces to the contact center puzzle. If you want to truly maximum your contact center’s value by transforming it from just a service hub to an ROI generator, you are going to have to go a bit further:

Create New Opportunities Using Big Data

Every interaction your employees have with customers generates information, and this information, taken as a whole, is commonly referred to as big data. If you don’t have the ability to collect and analyze information efficiently in your contact center right now, you are missing out on a whole sea of readily available business intelligence that you could be using to improve processes across your entire company.

For instance, with contact center software that can identify trending words and topics from all conversations and display them on a screen in real time, a manager would be able to recognize immediately when many consumers are calling to ask about a specific product. That information could be shared with the marketing department, which could create a special promotion—such as a “2 for 1”—giving customers an opportunity to save money on a purchase and helping your company boost sales. In the past, marketing would have had to track sales numbers for days or weeks to come up with a special offer; with real-time analytics, it can be accomplished almost immediately.  

Streamline the Evaluation Process

In the old days, when contact center managers could sneak away from their desks for a few minutes, they walked around the floor to listen in on agent interactions. After they observed a few agents and took notes, they’d go back to their desks and fill out a standard evaluation form. At some point, that evaluation would reach the employee, and maybe if the manager and agent could find time, they’d meet to discuss it—not exactly a model of efficiency.

Best-in-class contact center software streamlines the entire agent evaluation process by enabling managers to capture every facet of a customer interaction right from their computers. Managers can record the employee’s screen activity, desktop keystrokes, mouse movements and workflow, as well as actual phone conversations. Additionally, top-notch contact center software offers flexible evaluations, so every employee in every individual company can be assessed using relevant metrics. Without even leaving their offices, supervisors have access to a wealth of information that gives them unprecedented insight into agent activity and effectiveness.  

Understand Your Customers Better

Having the capability to easily and accurately assess agents is a terrific asset for managers, but in a vacuum, their evaluations don’t have much meaning. If the supervisor gives the agent a high grade for a call but the caller feels the service was mediocre, that manager’s assessment isn’t worth much. In the end, the customer, not the supervisor, has the opinion that matters most.

By providing consumers with detailed surveys, however, managers can get the full picture of the interaction by comparing customer feedback to internal evaluations. Armed with that information, managers can help improve contact center agent effectiveness in a way that aligns with customer expectations.

Coach and Train More Effectively

Once supervisors conclude their evaluations and compare them with customer feedback, they can begin using contact center software immediately to guide agents toward better performance. Managers can develop training videos on the fly or use existing training materials—like best practices guides or model recordings from other agents—bundled with evaluated interactions to point out areas for improvement. When agents have downtime, they can review the feedback at their desks.                           

Of course as agent performance improves, so does customer satisfaction, as consumers are sure to notice their problems being resolved quickly, accurately and pleasantly. This is critical, not only because great service breeds loyalty, but because consumers are more likely than ever to share these experiences with others. If your customers are sharing overwhelmingly positive interactions, you may start bringing in new revenue without even directly pursuing it.

Where You Go From Here

If you’re still on the fence about whether to invest in contact center software like Click2Coach from Envision, the question you should be asking is not “what will this tool allow my company to do?” but, rather, “what can’t I do with this product?” The answer to that second question is, “not much.” With bleeding-edge contact center software you can:

  • Identify trends as they take shape using visual analytics dashboards
  • Record every aspect of customer interactions from voice, screen, desktop and workflow
  • Use flexible surveys to align internal evaluations with customer preferences
  • Provide more effective, efficient training with modern tools


Interested in learning more about Click2Coach? Click here to start your 30-day trial today.

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