Improving Customer Experience by Enhancing Agent Performance

Posted by John Rake

4/27/15 8:30 AM

Click2coach workforce optimizationIn years past, contact center managers were forced to play guessing games when it came to evaluating agent performance. The best they could hope to do was steal a few minutes away from their desks to listen to a few random calls and take hurried notes.

Later on, some contact centers adopted basic solutions that could help them measure basic key performance indicators (KPIs) like average call time and call abandonment rate. These solutions were more effective but still offered limited insight into what was really happening during interactions on the floor.

In today’s world of big data and advanced analytics, however, these practices simply no longer cut it. Organizations that lack sophisticated agent performance analysis tools are severely limiting their ability to improve customer service. The rudimentary solutions of yesterday do not account for all the wealth valuable information that can be collected and used to help agents perform more effectively and improve customer service throughout the entire contact center.

With a product like Envision’s Click2Coach, however, managers can rest assured that they are receiving all the information—not just standard metrics—essential to evaluating and, more importantly, improving customer experience and employee performance. Click2Coach allows managers to monitor interactions on multiple channels—such as email, chat, social media or voice calls.

The sheer volume of information these interactions generate can be overwhelming, but Click2Coach helps managers organize it so that they have a host of actionable data rather than a pile of unsorted information. Click2Coach allows managers to quickly produce reports containing metrics like:

  • Revenue by agent
  • Service to sales revenue
  • Cost of service/cost per call type
  • Agent activity, including applications opened, URLs visited, etc.

If you are still relying on an out-of-date, legacy solution that only provides the bare bones of what’s happening in your contact center, it’s time to face facts; you simply don’t have all the information you need to become a first-class customer service organization. And considering that research from a number of sources shows customer service is now one of the most critical competitive business differentiators, you need access to the data that helps you improve every facet of your contact center operations.

Are you ready to move into the future with more advanced contact center software? Installing Click2Coach Cloud is quick and easy, as the solution requires no hardware. Click here to register for a 30-day trial.

Topics: customer experience, data capture, workforce management

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