Improving Customer Experience Makes Your Contact Centers Better

Posted by Ron Strandin

6/12/14 8:58 AM

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. I’d like to think that these pictures will be worth more than that to you. As the contact center industry has continued to evolve, so has the ways we educate each other and share stories, tips and best practices. That’s why I’m excited to debut a new feature here on the blog: The Envision Video Series.

As the contact center market shifts and changes and software becomes more robust, having the ability to connect with each customer or partner becomes a bigger challenge. This is an opportunity for me to share not only my passion for enabling amazing solutions for your business but also to spotlight members of my amazing team and highlights of the great products they’ve built.

This is the first video of three that we’ll be releasing with more on the way in the coming weeks.

Evolution of coaching

The concept of agent coaching has revolutionized call center operations. Innovative technologies have enabled the industry to create best practices that are rooted in objective data as opposed to “the way it used to be done.” Gone are the days of catching people doing things “wrong” and fixing bad behavior. We have entered an era of real-time analytics that enable leaders to offer valuable coaching based on provable and measurable KPIs. The ability to record and analyze data then generate a coaching package based on this content is what will enable today’s contact center to take full advantage of every customer interaction it drives.


The technology side of the business simply wasn't fulfilling the business needs of call centers, which need to do more with the agents they hire. By utilizing data analytics, we can truly revolutionize contact centers. Envision brings 20 years of experience to the market.

That’s 20 years of lessons.

That’s 20 years of customer service innovations.

That’s 20 years of experimenting.

That’s 20 years of improving the customer experience through technology.

Our next videos will explore how those 20 years of Envision can add value to your company. If you’d like to follow along, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified when they go live. Also be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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