Improving Customer Experience: Why Spending on a Contact Center Solution Is a Smart Investment

Posted by John Rake

6/15/15 4:21 PM

Click2coach workforce optimizationAs an executive, nothing excites you more than signing up a new client. The satisfaction you get from knowing a customer is putting his or her trust in you is exhilarating, and the positive financial impact is always welcome.

But because you’ve been around the business block a few times, you also understand that retention is more often the key to sustaining a profitable business. Aggregated research suggests that onboarding a new customer is five to 10 times more expensive than retaining one you have already; so, although bringing in a new client is a thrill, your core business needs to come from your most loyal fans.

The first step to keeping your existing customers smiling is improving your customer service; by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator according to recent research from Walker. And the most effective way to ensure great customer experiences is to make sure your agents and supervisors have the data and tools they need to continue growing and maturing in their jobs over time.

Top-of-the-line contact center software like Click2Coach from Envision includes data analytics that help your managers immediately spot trends in the contact center and take action in real time based on information like: why customers are calling, how individual agents are performing, and what products or offerings are most profitable, as well as a host of other factors. With that information in hand, supervisors can leverage coaching tools like:

  • Personalized training that can be sent to agents at their desktops with a few mouse clicks
  • Instructional video clips managers can put together at their desks and send to agents at theirs
  • Evaluations of recorded customer interactions—complete with supervisor notes and comments—sent directly to agents as a complete coaching package
  • Examples of “great calls” sent to agents so they can use them as a model for future interactions

As you begin to see the overall level of your contact center service elevate, you’re sure to see that performance reflected in your bottom line as well. Well-trained agents delivering great customer experiences help you reduce churn, and, additionally, the more professional your agents are, the more likely they are to upsell and cross-sell as well.

Top-notch customer service helps you generate ROI in your contact center. But before you get the ‘R,’ you need to be willing to make the ‘I.’ Are you interested in taking Click2Coach for a spin before deciding to implement it in your contact center environment? Click here to try it free for 30 days!  

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