Improving Customer Service: Examining the Cost of Customer Inconvenience

Posted by John Rake

7/20/15 9:00 AM

Click2coach workforce optimizationWe’ve all experienced it, the dreaded runaround. It goes something like this: You call into a contact center, navigate through the IVR, repeat your contact information, reach a service representative who directs you to another agent, who then puts you on hold... the cycle continues. Unfortunately, this is an all too familiar and frustrating experience for consumers who’ve become accustomed to the expediency of online and mobile self-service.

As a contact center leader, you already know that inconveniencing customers can harm your company’s reputation. But did you know that it could also cost you money? According to the “Avaya Customer Effort Impact Study,” two-thirds of survey respondents said they would stop spending money with a company as a result of a “high effort” experience—or an interaction that requires considerable time and effort to complete. What’s more, survey respondents stated that the following activities contributed most to a poor experience:

  • Repeatedly contacting a company to resolve a problem
  • Failure to reach an actual agent to get an answer
  • Dealing with representatives who lack the proper knowledge
  • Lack of follow-up

While the answer to improving customer service is simple—resolve consumer issues promptly—doing it isn’t as easy as it sounds, which is why Envision created Click2Coach Cloud, an innovative enterprise-grade solution that can be downloaded quickly and costs a fraction of what you’d expect. Below are four ways this solution is helping organizations improve the customer experience:                                                                       

  1. Capture: Simply recording phone calls isn’t enough. You need to collect data from interactions happening in every corner of your contact center to be able to drive change. Click2Coach Cloud captures related screen activity along with customer conversations, so mangers get a 360 degree view of agent-customer interactions.
  2. Analyze: Chances are you already use the data gathered from conversations to improve how you communicate with customers. Why not use it to develop new strategies too? With Click2Coach Cloud’s online dashboard, managers can review several data sets at once, enabling them to quickly identify and analyze trends.
  3. Optimize: Today’s consumers want quick results. With Envision’s solution, organizations can increase the operational efficiency of their agents. With access to important KPIs, managers can easily see where improvements need to be made, making coaching and training a breeze.
  4. Take Action: What’s the point in collecting data if you’re not going to put it to good use? Turn your contact center into a well-oiled machine by taking the insights gleaned from Click2Coach Cloud and fine-tuning your operation.

To learn more about how Click2Coach Cloud can help your organization improve the customer experience, click here on our new brochure.

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