In Customer Service, You Don’t Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Posted by Rodney Kuhn

12/16/14 4:31 PM


Your contact center agents are the foremost customer-facing representative of your brand. As such, the manner in which they conduct business with your customers is often the foundation for your company’s reputation.  And that reputation can be eroded one customer at a time when poor customer service is experienced repeatedly. In fact, a recent customer service survey by Accenture revealed that in 2013, 51 percent of U.S. consumers switched service providers due to poor customer service experiences, up 5 percent from the previous year.

Your company’s reputation is paramount to your success, and, therefore, your customers’ view of your business is the most important factor in your company’s ongoing ability to generate revenue. Imparting a positive view, therefore, circles right back to your agents—with a well-trained agent being your best defense against customer defections. 

In other words, you only get one chance to make a positive first impression. Resolving customer problems quickly is the primary factor when determining customer satisfaction. Here’s what customers expect in that regard: 

  • Little to no call-waiting times, or reassure customers on hold
  • Quick assessment of the reason for the call
  • Consistency across channels, i.e., no transfers among agents to solve complex multipart issues
  • Empathetic agents
  • Personalized interactions 

All of these factors speak to your agents’ advanced skills. Our Click2Coach contact center agent coaching and training solution provides your contact center supervisors with the tools they need to help make agents more effective communicators. By deploying our solution, your contact center managers can generate multidimensional analysis of agent performance, which can be used to improve agent effectiveness in all areas from adherence to guidelines to quality of customer interactions. 

Click2Coach produces more than 53 standard reports on agent performance so that supervisors and managers can fine-tune training to meet each agent’s specified needs. Customized coaching packages include recordings of agent-customer interactions to identify best practices as well as areas that need improvement.

When your customers contact you by phone, email or social media, they expect your agents to provide a consistently high level of service and a fast, knowledgeable response which solves their problems quickly. Let us help you provide this excellent service, make that good first impression and buoy your bottom line. Click here to contact us.

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