Making Your Call Center Resolutions for 2015

Posted by Rodney Kuhn

1/7/15 12:52 PM

New_Year_Image_2015With the new year underway, it’s time to ask yourself what you have done to prepare your company for success in 2015. As your call center is your most customer-facing department, have you made any resolutions to bolster operations there in the next 12 months? If not, you may want to consider adding some new tools and strategies to ensure that your call center stays ahead of the competition during the coming year. 

With our Click2Coach training and quality monitoring solution, you can deliver the following three essential resources for maintaining your call center’s vitality in 2015:

  1. Robust voice of the customer data: Today’s call center must be able to access various types of data for assessing not just what customers are saying, but what they mean. Your customers are key to your business’s success, and keeping them satisfied and loyal is a key differentiator among businesses. 
Modern technology is the answer to improving your customer knowledge, and proactively and resolutely addressing caller pain points, hence, enabling you to excel at customer service. As a matter of fact, 42 percent of service agents are unable to efficiently resolve customer issues due to disconnected systems, archaic user interfaces and multiple applications, according to Forrester’s report “Navigate the Future of Customer Service in 2014.”
With Click2Coach, you will receive trending reports on why your customers are calling, among a multitude of other vital intelligence (e.g., cost of service by product or offering and by customer segment). By collecting data from your call center, your business can derive insights that will drive its strategic direction. In this way, Envision helps put you in front of trends that can increase sales, decrease costs and avoid complications from unexpected industry events.
  1. Speech and workflow analytics: Your call center exists to drive customer loyalty from positive customer interactions and great customer service. Envision provides tools that allow you to maximize your agents’ effectiveness. As a positive extension of your company’s brand, our Click2Coach solution captures data that will allow you to positively impact your business’s operations. These include: 
- Agent activity before during and after an interaction (e.g., call, email, chat, social media)
- Revenue by agent
- Cost of service/cost per call type
- Interaction summaries and detail reports
- Reports sorted according to agent, call or reason/outcome
- Service to sales revenue
  1. Better training for agents: Maintain your relevance among your competitors by collecting and analyzing data from your call center; then use your insights to effect real action in such areas as policies and procedures, workflow and operations. Click2Coach can provide you with the information you need to transform your organization for improved call center customer service. This includes evaluations of recorded customer interactions sent directly to agents along with supervisor annotations, training video clips sent to agents on the fly, and on-demand personalized training sent to agents at their desktops.

Don’t let 2015 get by you without setting in motion implementation of tools that can sustain your company into the future. For more information on how Envision can help, click here.

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