Quickly and Cost-effectively Expanding Your Small Business’ Contact Center

Posted by Rodney Kuhn

5/15/15 11:27 AM

Small_Business_Contact_Center_Post_5.15.15Rapid growth is the ultimate dream for any small business manager, especially in today’s competitive marketplace, where 80 percent of entrepreneurs who start a new business fail within the first 18 months, according to research from Bloomberg.

A number of factors contribute to a steadily growing small business, such as exceptional management, sufficient capital, and a strong and forward-thinking business strategy. This combination can surely drive a small business off the ground; however, to continue nourishing that growth—and lock in longevity—managers must ensure they are creating a culture of customer excellence in which consumers receive consistent, seamless and positive service at all times.

During the beginning stages of a company, managers tend to have no problem handling call traffic within their customer service department; however, as the company grows, it is imperative that they continue to nurture growth rather than stifle it. Managers must be able to quickly and strategically expand their contact center in order to adequately meet customer demand and keep customers coming back.

Customer retention is essential for small business success, but many small business owners continue to struggle in this area. In fact, according to a brand new report titled, “2015 Capital One Small Business Confidence Score,” identifying, attracting and retaining customers was listed as the biggest challenge among small business owners.

It doesn’t matter if your contact center has only a handful of agents. Small business customers expect great service, otherwise they will likely abandon the organization for a competitor. Managers need to ensure they are delivering exceptional customer service—and investing in the right contact center solutions plays a large part in that.

The right technology should help promote outstanding agent interactions (through regular training, coaching and development opportunities) as well as capture and leverage multiple forms of customer data that flow in and out of the contact center. Visibility into transactional data and customer survey data enables managers to gain valuable insights to make actionable improvements.

Although it is necessary for small business managers to invest in a contact center solution that features these kinds of capabilities, it may seem unrealistic financially as these managers are trying to identify the best areas to allocate their valuable, hard-earned dollars.

But it is possible to effectively and cost-efficiently scale a small business contact center, complete with features like call and desktop recording, call monitoring and agent training tools, even if funds are sparse. 

Our advice for small business owners is simple: Look to graduate to a solution that meets your exact operational needs and budget. Do your due diligence on the research front and don’t compromise.

Topics: data capture, agent performance, customer loyalty, Contact Center Technology

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