Real Time Change from Real-Time Data

Posted by Ron Strandin

7/1/14 9:12 AM

Why does data matter? Because data is everything. Data is how you measure. Data is how you decide. Data is how you teach. Data is how you improve customer experiences. In the third video in our series, we explore the true importance of data to your contact center and your business as a whole.

Recording is no longer about the integration with various products and services. Thanks to Click2Coach Cloud, you can record directly from the desktop. Because it is cloud-based, switch or hardware integration is no longer required to record audio. We have pushed all of the heavy lifting to the agent’s desktop and ensured the data is integrated across systems.

When you look at the overall customer experience, Click2Coach can now cross reference the call information with the CRM systems, product development and even accounts receivable to ensure that not only is the customer support experience smooth, but also the overall experience. Having visibility into real-time data enables you to make substantive change to your processes and organization that enable you to save time, save money and save customers.

Avoid analysis paralysis

Real-time data collection, analysis and interpretation can revolutionize the way a business utilizes customer interactions. As you pour through your reports from disparate systems such as the IVR, phone statistics, CRM reports, surveys, etc… you eventually come upon an “AHA” moment where you realize you have a problem. Unfortunately, you probably figured out the problem days or weeks ago and the reports simply validated what you already learned. Through robust data collection, you can see what’s going on in your contact center virtually real time which allows you to better understand your environment respond or react to issues before they become a crisis.

This analysis also enables customer service and support teams to analyze their agents in near real time. While agent workflow is not agent automation, it’s all about understanding what your agents do during the call. What applications or windows do they use, what they do when they are there, what order they use them in, etc…by understanding how your agents use the tools available to them, you are better able to change processes, train agents… basically making them more effective and efficient.

Visualizing the changes you want to make

Of course, the data is only as good as the ability to analyze it. Being able to analyze data can be made a lot easier with data visualization tools. This is why we have introduced a report we call nowCloud! into Click2Coach Cloud. It enables your contact center to be agile with the customer service they provide. They can see trends and common issues in real time and enact strategies to address these issues. nowCloud! can also provide a view of historic trends such as billing inquiries or new appointment requests that center around certain times of the month.

This visualization of real-time data tightens the feedback loop and enables cross-team collaboration. This collaboration can strengthen the entire company’s performance and customer satisfaction.

If you’re ready to put the data to work for you and your team, be sure to watch the video and then sign up for a trial of Click2Coach Cloud.

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