Summer, It’s Hot, and improving Customer Satisfaction Is Critical

Posted by John Rake

8/17/15 9:30 AM

Click2coach workforce optimizationAs the “dog days” of summer roll on, providing and improving customer satisfaction grows both more important and difficult. Why? Because scientific research proves that, for many people, as the temperature increases, patience decreases.

If you’ve noticed a little more of an edge in your customers’ voices recently, don’t panic because it may have more to do with the heat than anything your business is or isn’t doing. Still, bearing in mind that people tend to be a little crankier this time of year, it’s important that you have the tools to make sure your agents operate at peak levels. Even when the mercury creeps toward triple digits, improving customer satisfaction should remain a top priority.  

Top-shelf contact center software that integrates with your existing CRM may hold the key to getting through these trying summer months. These solutions allow contact center managers to listen to, evaluate and train customer service representatives more efficiently, with features like:

  • Customer surveys that help align your assessments with customer feedback to ensure that you are evaluating your agents in the same way your customers do.
  • Speech analytics that converts audio into text, allowing you to identify trends in real time and take action based on that information.
  • Desktop analytics that captures everything an agent says or does during a call and allows you to listen and evaluate any interaction right from your own desk.
  • Customized coaching packages comprised of training materials that you can bundle together quickly and send to employees with a single click.
  • Desktop recording that captures agents’ activities on their desktops, including keystrokes, data entry and screen navigation, during any interaction, inclusive of pre-call work or post-call wrap-up.

During these steamy days and weeks, some customers will undoubtedly call your contact center already in a sour mood and looking for a fight. While that kind of call can create some tense moments, it also gives your organization a chance to differentiate itself from the competition with professional agents that can turn any call around. Dealing with cranky customers can also be helpful for new hires, as they get valuable experience tackling tough interactions right away.

Since you can’t snap your fingers and bring the temperature down 10 degrees, contact center software is the next best solution to the summer time blues, giving your agents the tools they need to be great, and letting cooler heads prevail.

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