Take Your Call Center Coaching and Training to the Cloud

Posted by Linda Caudle

3/10/14 3:30 PM


Much like the virtuoso musician who never stops practicing, even your most talented contact center agents can improve upon their performance. And now thanks to an innovative, cloud-based solution engineered by Envision, coaching and training your agents to help further develop skills, improve techniques and increase sales has never been easier.

Boasting reduced cost of ownership and enterprise-class functionality, Click2Coach Cloud is a comprehensive solution designed to bolster productivity in the contacting center, providing managers with the coaching and training tools necessary to attain continuous improvement. The platform has complete recording, evaluation, call center coaching and agent analytics features.

The cloud-based, downloadable application helps businesses avoid $50,000 to $100,000 worth of startup costs that serve as a barrier that prevents some organizations from adopting similar solutions. Because no hardware is required, the technology can be set up in less than an hour.

“Installing a traditional contact center management system is a significant undertaking in terms of cost and time,” says Nancy Jamison of Frost & Sullivan. “The small and mid-size market is severely underserved by the current options on the market, which can carry significant startup costs. Small and mid-size companies can benefit by getting the same functionality through a simple download and monthly subscription with a product in the cloud.”

By ensuring that your agents are up to speed on recent techniques and best practices, managers are able to guarantee improved customer service which in turn helps customer remain loyal to your brand. And that’s important, because it costs six to seven times more to onboard a new customer than sell to an existing one. What’s more, a 10 percent increase in customer retention translates to a 30 percent increase in a company’s value.

With a price tag starting at $50 per month per agent—a figure substantially less than lifetime costs traditionally associated with legacy contact center software—Click2Coach Cloud is the perfect coaching and training solution for businesses of all sizes. To learn more about the solution, click here.

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