The Changing Role of the Multi-Channel Contact Center

Posted by Linda Caudle

9/24/13 9:37 AM


The role of the contact center has certainly changed over the years. While in the past, the contact center was used primarily to monitor call quality, today’s contact center is more strategic than ever before, collecting and analyzing valuable customer data to make better, more informed business decisions from the top-level down.

Unlike the past, today’s contact center is far more complex as consumers are using a number of communication channels to reach businesses. In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by ICMI, 69.8 percent of respondents said that the proliferation of new channels and multi-channel customers has contributed to the complexity within the contact center.

However, the proliferation of new channels and multi-channel customers has also given contact centers unprecedented insight into customer behaviors and trends. Using an array of different solutions – such as desktop and speech analytics – today’s contact centers are able to gather valuable voice of the customer data, which has become a true game-changer.

Voice of the customer data helps businesses identify trends and dive deeper inside the mind and motivation of customers. Moreover, the data can be used to improve customer interactions and shape a company’s strategy. Because of this, contact centers are no longer seen as a necessary evil, but as a vital part of a business.

While role of the contact center has changed, there’s no disputing the fact that it’s changed for the better. Now companies are able make more strategic decisions based on hard data gathered by their contact center.

Topics: workforce optimization

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