The Importance of Delivering Contact Center Consistency

Posted by John Rake

4/7/15 7:30 AM

Providing a single first-class experience is great, but if your goal is to retain customers—and it should be—you have to be confident that your contact center is delivering high quality customer service with every interaction. But how do you ensure that your representatives handle each inquiry with care? How can you feel assured that every customer receives reliable, accurate assistance?

Top-notch contact center software that can integrate seamlessly with CRM systems can capture multiple kinds of data and make it easy for managers to analyze agent performance. Such best-in-breed software can produce detailed interaction summaries and reports from multiple channels (e.g. call, email, chat, social media). Reports can be sorted according to agent or group, by reason for the call or by outcome so managers can save time and find exactly what they need when they need it.

Using these quality-monitoring tools, supervisors can determine the best way to coach individual agents to become part of a well-oiled customer service machine. With top-of-market contact center software, supervisors have access to tools like:

  • On-the-fly coaching and eLearning, including brief videos managers create in real-time
  • Customized coaching packages that can include video, a link to a “best practices” guide or a model interaction
  • Voice and screen recording
  • Audio and video playback
  • Desktop recording
  • Unlimited evaluations
  • Desktop analytics and data tagging

Best of all, managers don’t even have to get up from their desk to provide these materials, as they can send everything right from their desktops.

Regardless of what channel they are using, what time of day they reach out or which agent they reach, every time consumers contact your business they should get the same best-in-class customer service. When consumers know they can count on a pleasant, helpful experience each time they contact your company, they begin to build trust with your brand, which means they are more likely to do more business with you in the future.

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And every company loves repeat customers.

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