The Top Three Benefits of a Cloud Contact Center Solution

Posted by Rebecca MacLeod

1/16/15 11:01 AM

Fotolia_66651988_MThe cloud continues to make a major impact on businesses, providing them new ways to communicate, store data and share information. Contact centers, in particular, stand to benefit greatly from moving their operations to the cloud

The list of advantages afforded by the cloud is quite lengthy, so we’ve taken the liberty of identifying three of the most impactful ways it can help you transform your contact center:

  1. Cut CAPEX and OPEX

A hosted contact center requires minimal upfront investment in hardware because most of the equipment necessary to run the facility is managed offsite at a secure location by the cloud provider. Having hardware off-premises also removes the cost burden of maintaining, repairing and replacing equipment from your organization, cutting long-term costs as well.

  1. Reduce Downtime

With an on-premise solution, any equipment malfunction could take your entire contact center capability down. When your contact center is hosted offsite—usually in redundant data centers—it is supported 24/7/365 by the provider, meaning issues are resolved proactively and one minor malfunction won’t knock your system completely offline. 

  1. Integrate Easily

In contact centers, adopting a solution that can integrate with an existing CRM is critical. These customer service hubs can’t afford to spend time manually migrating data or, worse yet, trying to build entirely new customer information databases from scratch. Cloud solutions are generally far simpler to introduce into a new environment and more likely to mesh well with existing systems than on-premise products. 

Click2Coach Cloud to the Rescue

Envision offers a cloud solution that can help you improve every aspect of your contact center’s performance. Click2Coach Cloud is a complete recording, evaluation, coaching and agent analytics application that enables contact centers to capture phone, CTI, application workflow and desktop data. Included with this solution are a number of features that can help improve agent performance and efficiency, including:

  • Data collection from a number of communication channels like phone, email, social media and chat 
  • Customized coaching packages—comprised of consisting of training videos, model interactions or best practices documents—that managers can create and send to agents right from their desks 
  • Contact center data capture from agents’ keyboards or screens that gives managers visibility into employee efficiency 

Is your organization’s on-premise contact center solution hindering your ability to improve customer experiences? If so, click here to learn more about Click2CoachCloud.

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