Think a Great Call Center Has to Come at a Big Cost or Hassle? Think Again

Posted by Rebecca MacLeod

3/30/15 9:00 AM

Right now, the cloud is all the rage. The technology seems to be popping up all the time in advertisements for both personal and business purposes across all mediums and platforms. All this attention means the cloud is surrounded by quite a bit of hype, which can make it difficult to drill down on exactly what benefits it can offer your business.

When it comes to managing call centers, however, the cloud is far from indefinable or complicated. In fact, cloud-based call center solutions like Envision’s Click2CoachCloud are extremely affordable, not to mention scalable and user-friendly.

Click2CoachCloud is a complete contact center software solution that captures phone, CTI, application workflow and desktop data. The software helps your contact center transform customer experiences into long-lasting, profitable relationships by collecting and recording crucial data from interactions that provide insight into agent performance and customer trends. Once your supervisors have this information, they can use Click2Coach’s agent coaching tools to help employees improve customer service. These features include:

  • Personalized training sent directly to agents’ desktop computers
  • Short instructional video clips managers can create at their desktops—or training clips that have already been created—and deliver to agents
  • Evaluations of recorded customer interactions (including voice and screen) sent directly to agents, along with supervisor annotations and training as a complete coaching package
  • Examples of “great calls” sent to agents so they can use them as a guide
  • Team or individual incentives and accolades for great performance delivered to agents’ desktops
  • Links to your company’s best practices documents

Beyond contact center agent training and coaching, Click2Coach can provide valuable data that can help you transform operations across your entire organization. For instance, if the software’s reports show customers often buy two items in tandem, your sales and promotions department can put together a limited time “buy one, get half off” offer to entice more customers to buy both products together. Once you realize that cloud-based software like Click2Coach is uncomplicated and affordable—and you make the move to adopt it—it won’t take long before you start to realize the aforementioned operational benefits.

And of course, you’ll begin to see you OPEX decrease quickly as well, because when you leverage cloud-based solutions, expensive and bulky hardware you used to keep on-premises is maintained by the vendor offsite. That means you don’t have to worry about expensive repairs and maintenance, and that your IT team can stop worrying about checking on your equipment every five minutes and instead turn its attention to more mission-critical projects.

Last but not least, a cloud-based solution like Click2Coach also allows you to easily scale up or down depending on inbound call volume. This is especially valuable during the holiday season or other “peak” times for your business. With Click2Coach, software downloads and system updates can be completed through a Web portal in just minutes, so you won’t have to waste time waiting for a technician to show up onsite or pay labor costs for the time he or she spends altering your system.

Regardless of what industry your business is in or how many agents work in your contact center, Envision offers different plans tailored to your individual requirements. So whether you’re looking to improve agent performance or enhance visibility across your entire contact center, the cloud—or more specifically, Click2CoachCloud—can provide exactly what you need.

 Click2coach workforce optimization

Are you interested in learning more about Click2Coach cloud? Click here to visit our resource library.

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