Three Ways to Improve Your Voice of the Customer Program

Posted by Linda Caudle

7/15/14 5:03 PM


A successful voice of the customer program can provide a wealth of useful information to your business, which can be used to improve the customer experience. However, many companies fail to make use of the data they collect. In fact, according to Forrester Research, two-thirds of American companies have VoC programs, but less than one-third make decisions based on customer needs and voice of the customer data.

There are many ways businesses can improve their voice of the customer program, including the three strategies below:

1. Coaching and training. Once an agent has the right data about a customer’s preferences and needs, the next step is to turn around and ensure the right action is taken promptly, making it more likely the customer will come back again. Voice of the customer data provides a great opportunity to coach and train agents “in the moment,” when customer interactions are fresh.

2. Desktop analytics. A wealth of actionable information flows in through agent desktops every day. Desktop analytics can make it possible to truly listen to customers, as it captures data such as keystrokes, screen navigation, and pre-call/post-call activity, as well as caller ID, account numbers, and prompted digits. This enables companies to monitor and improve agent effectiveness and get a clear picture of what customers need.

3. Better surveys. Surveys are the gold-standard method for gathering voice of the customer data, but they must be designed and conducted in a way that proves effective. Surveys should be short, simple, and have a clearly defined goal. Consider offering an incentive along with surveys as research shows rewards boost response rates by half.

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