Contact Center Agent Coaching: Are You Stuck With Cookie-Cutter Evaluations?

Posted by John Rake
5/26/15 9:30 AM

You’ve spent all week observing your contact center agents’ performance and are finally ready to sit down and write your evaluations. Unfortunately, from past experience, you know that you’re going to have to jam a square peg into a round hole to complete these reports, because you are still using cookie-cutter evaluation forms. Rating your representatives on a 1-5 scale for a number of basic categories gives them only a surface-level view of their performance and areas for improvement, thereby limiting your ability to conduct effective contact center agent coaching and training.

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How to Increase Customer Retention (and Profits)

Posted by Rodney Kuhn
5/22/15 9:42 AM

The importance of maintaining a high customer retention rate—the rate at which a company turns one-time buyers into return customers—is evident, especially when it comes to the bottom line.

For example, aggregated research from Customers That Stick shows that:

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Quickly and Cost-effectively Expanding Your Small Business’ Contact Center

Posted by Rodney Kuhn
5/15/15 11:27 AM

Rapid growth is the ultimate dream for any small business manager, especially in today’s competitive marketplace, where 80 percent of entrepreneurs who start a new business fail within the first 18 months, according to research from Bloomberg.

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Is Workforce Attrition Eating Away at Your Profitability?

Posted by Rodney Kuhn
4/22/15 9:41 AM

Workforce attrition can have significant financial effects on a company. After all, when a business experiences a decline in its workforce and doesn’t replace lost staff, productivity can dramatically decrease, which can cause a company’s bottom line to suffer. In fact, aggregated research from Barracuda found that just five hours of unproductive work a week can cost a company $6,357 per employee per year.

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How to Shift Your Contact Center From a Cost Center to a Revenue Driver

Posted by Rodney Kuhn
4/1/15 8:48 AM

All too often, contact centers are referred to as cost centers. While they certainly play an important role in ensuring customer satisfaction (i.e., answering customer inquiries, solving product and service-related problems and monitoring call quality), contact centers are viewed as having little to no real impact on bottom line results. Businesses, however, are starting to realize the value of the contact center as a potential revenue driver. 

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Think a Great Call Center Has to Come at a Big Cost or Hassle? Think Again

Posted by Rebecca MacLeod
3/30/15 9:00 AM

Right now, the cloud is all the rage. The technology seems to be popping up all the time in advertisements for both personal and business purposes across all mediums and platforms. All this attention means the cloud is surrounded by quite a bit of hype, which can make it difficult to drill down on exactly what benefits it can offer your business.

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Three Common Contact Center Annoyances (and How to Avoid Them)

Posted by Rebecca MacLeod
3/24/15 9:00 AM

When it comes to customer service, consumer expectations are higher than ever. Today’s buyers expect consistent excellent service and when their needs are not met they may take their business elsewhere and influence others to do the same. To ensure your representatives aren’t irritating customers with preventable mistakes, your supervisors need tools that can help make call center coaching more efficient and effective. Envision’s Click2Coach software can ensure your agents stop the following common annoyances in their tracks before they began to affect your business negatively:

Poor agent phrasing

Customers do not want to hear condescending phrasing such as, “if I were you” or “what you should have done” from contact center agents. With Click2Coach, agents can monitor every aspect of customer interactions and provide training materials right from their desktops, including:

  • On-demand, personalized training sent to agents at their desktops
  • Short video clips on the fly, or training clips that have already been created and delivered to agents
  • Evaluations of recorded customer interactions (including voice and screen) sent directly to agents, along with supervisor annotations and training as a complete coaching package
  • Examples of “great calls” sent to agents so they can use them as a guide
  • Motivational recognition and team or individual incentives delivered to agents’ desktops
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Agent Improvement: Are Your Agents Pushing Too Hard?

Posted by Rebecca MacLeod
3/10/15 9:00 AM

“I’m just looking,” is a well-known clue to retail salespeople that they should back off: the customer just wants to browse. But how do your service agents know when to back off during a service call?

Establishing boundaries is key to effective customer interactions, especially where your agents want to upsell and/or cross-sell. But in their quest to make extra sales, sometimes these agents can be overzealous. Remember the extreme example from Comcast just a while back in which the customer service rep refused to let customer Ryan Block cancel his service? The agent’s refusal to comply with the user’s wish was a national embarrassment, on top of almost certainly costing Comcast any chance of ever winning that customer’s business back.  

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How to Build Loyalty Through Customer Service

Posted by Rodney Kuhn
3/4/15 10:28 AM

It’s the question on every business owner’s mind: What’s the secret to generating more profits? Most companies would answer customer acquisition, arguing that the only way to boost your bottom line is by onboarding new customers. Those companies, however, would be wrong, as the real money lies in customer retention.

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You’ve Improved the Customer Experience, But What About the Agent Experience?

Posted by Rebecca MacLeod
2/22/15 7:55 AM

In today’s business environment, in which customer expectations are at an all-time high, companies have become obsessed with improving the customer experience—and for good reason. Research has shown that consumers are willing to spend more money with a company that delivers superior service. Sure, customer service is imperative and has become a competitive differentiator, but are companies becoming so fixated on their customers that they’re forgetting about their most important asset—their employees?

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