Work-at-Home Call Center Agents Are Within Your Reach

Posted by Rodney Kuhn
11/26/14 8:34 AM

Many organizations are encouraging a greater number of employees to work from home more often, and the call center space is no exception. Recent call center research published in the Harvard Business Review found that at-home workers completed 13.5 percent more calls than those in the office. Furthermore, the study found that employees saved approximately $1,900 each on transportation and various other expenses over nine months, leading to increased job satisfaction and lower attrition rates.

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Benefits of Implementing a Work at Home Call Center Agent Program

Posted by Linda Caudle
10/4/13 3:00 PM

Many contact centers grapple with the decision of implementing a work at home call center agents model, often fearing that agent productivity and efficiency will suffer when agents work remotely from home. However, recent research provides compelling evidence that says otherwise.

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Work-At-Home Call Center Agents: A Growing Trend

Posted by Linda Caudle
12/11/12 10:30 AM

Over the last several years there has been a move towards virtualization of the contact center, with increasing numbers of work-at-home call center agents. This has been made possible through significant advances in broadband technology as well as developments in work-force management software.

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