Turning One-Time Customers Into Loyal Fans by Improving Customer Service

Posted by Rebecca MacLeod

3/16/15 9:00 AM

It is much less expensive to retain customers than to onboard new ones. And a loyal customer is worth his or her weight in gold. In fact, while only 12-15 percent of customers are loyal to a single retailer, they represent between 55-70 percent of sales in some verticals, according to the Center for Retail Management, Northwestern University.

So, how do you turn your buyers—even one-time buyers—into loyal (i.e., repeat) customers? You must have a solid grasp of your customers’ likes and dislikes about your service offerings, pain points you can help resolve, and product preferences. Once you have the necessary data compiled and analyzed, you can begin to adjust your sales and marketing strategy to increase customer satisfaction and revenue.

Don’t know where to start this strategy adjustment? That’s where we come in. We help you maximize your insights into the data you already own by providing you with the tools to complete the following analyses:

Evaluate Voice of the Customer

Let us help you capture the collective voice of the customer. Knowing what your customers are thinking will give you those insights to keep you in front of trends that will increase sales and decrease costs. Envision does this by deriving strategic direction using the wealth of information you have stored in your contact center. For example, our Click2Coach solution can capture data and send reports on trends for customer calls, profitability or cost by customer segment.

Measure Agent Performance

Your contact center is where the rubber hits the road, so to speak, as regards brand image. Our tools help drive customer satisfaction in the contact center because they maximize the day-to-day effectiveness of your agents. Using captured data from front- and back-office agents, we help you affect a better impact on your operations, improving customer satisfaction. This data includes summaries and detailed reports on calls, email, chat and social media; agent activity before, during and after interactions; and revenue by agent.

Effectively Train Agents

Help your agents meet customer expectations when you employ effective training tools, such as evaluations of recorded customer interactions sent directly to agents along with their supervisor’s annotations. Other means by which we help you transform your contact center by developing agent skills include:

  • Recordings of superior call handling sent to agents as examples of performance expectations
  • On-demand, personalized training sent to agents’ desktops
  • Short training clips delivered to agents
  • Recognition of individuals and teams to motivate improved behavior

Click2coach workforce optimization

You will create outstanding customer experiences, thereby developing loyalty among the audience you serve, when you use the features of our Click2Coach system. Lasting customer relationships are inspired by transforming every area of your operations to maintain relevancy in our face-paced world. At Envision, we pledge to help you collect every pertinent piece of data from your contact center and convert it into usable insights to drive real action that will improve your customer retention rate and turn even one-time buyers into loyal fans.

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