Unstructured Conversations In a Structured World

Posted by Rodney Kuhn

6/14/18 9:25 AM

Is your Quality Monitoring program the right fit for the Knowledge Workers in your contact center?  

With advances in technology, previously disparate teams of Knowledge Workers are now often working together as part of a contact center that was traditionally comprised of the Task Worker. 

A Task Worker in your contact center being one that fields calls that are similar in nature and following a mostly standard script. The Knowledge Worker on the other hand is one who takes more non-routine calls and spends time problem solving, for example. Quality Monitoring for Knowledge Workers

In a contact center that is largely comprised of the Task Worker coaching and Quality Monitoring programs are expected and are part of the culture.  However, are these programs applicable for your new teammates? Or are they seen as micro-managing and too overseeing?  

In this White Paper "Unstructured Conversations In A Structured World", Envision explores ways contact centers can modify and expand their Quality Monitoring and coaching programs to help retain and engage this knowledgeable team for success.

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Topics: agent coaching, agent performance, contact centers, call center, quality assurance, WFO, coach, Quality monitoring

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