Want to Increase The Productivity of Your Contact Center Agents?

Posted by Linda Caudle

7/24/14 12:00 PM


Are your contact center agents working hard or hardly working? Unproductive contact center agents, cost employers an average of 46 percent of their salaries in lost productivity. Moreover, employees who are disengaged are also 23 percent more likely to leave within 12 months, compared to a one percent probability of turnover among highly engaged employees, according to data from the Contact Center Association. In a 1,000 seat contact center with a 15 percent population of disengaged employees, turnover costs alone could add up to $158,000.

To avoid breaking the bank and ensure that your agents are always “on the ball” follow these three tips and tricks below:

Coaching and training:  A coaching and training program empowers agents to become more productive. By teaching agents the skills they need to handle common customer issues; how to use systems and software correctly; and provide them with real-time feedback, you can significantly increase knowledge, motivation, and engagement simultaneously.

Desktop analytics: Analyzing the information flooding in through agents’ desktops during customer interactions can help contact center managers identify issues that could lead to frustration and a lack of employee engagement. Agents can then receive immediate feedback on what they did right and where they need to improve, helping them feel more connected to their jobs and customers.

Incentives: Rewards for meeting goals and providing good service help contact center agents feel more motivated. Incentives can be monetary, but they can also include things like extra breaks, staff parties or outings. Be sure to identify what motivates each and every one of your agents.

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