Work-at-Home Call Center Agents Are Within Your Reach

Posted by Rodney Kuhn

11/26/14 8:34 AM


Many organizations are encouraging a greater number of employees to work from home more often, and the call center space is no exception. Recent call center research published in the Harvard Business Review found that at-home workers completed 13.5 percent more calls than those in the office. Furthermore, the study found that employees saved approximately $1,900 each on transportation and various other expenses over nine months, leading to increased job satisfaction and lower attrition rates.

Although these statistics make clear that employing work-at-home call center agents can be beneficial, it also comes with its own set of challenges. Supervisors may feel they have limited visibility into employee activity and could find call center coaching a more difficult task. Best-in-class contact center software, however, allows managers to create customized programs that allow them to coach and evaluate agents as if they were sitting just a few feet away. Using such software, supervisors can utilize features like:

Live capture 

Supervisors can listen to a conversation as it is happening whether the agent is on site or at home. For the supervisor, the potential is the same for a remote agent as it would be for an office employee.

Customized Coaching Packages 

Recordings of evaluated customer interactions, instructional videos a supervisor creates on the fly, links to training documents and other coaching materials can be merged into a single package and sent to agents no matter where they are working.  

Common Agent Portal

All training, coaching and scheduling information can be delivered to a common agent desktop, so everything an agent might need is at his or her fingertips, regardless of location.

Leveraging these technologies, businesses can have the best of both worlds: the productivity and employee satisfaction of a work-at-home program combined with the ability to coach agents as if they were on-premise. Work-at-home initiatives aren’t right for every business, but for the growing number interested in at least testing the waters, it pays to invest in the tools that help get the most out of the strategy.


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