Workforce Optimization: Helping Improve Employee Productivity

Posted by Linda Caudle

9/26/13 10:36 AM


When it comes to your agents, what you don’t know may be hurting the success of your contact center. According to a new survey by and America Online, employees waste twice as much time as their employer thinks.

In fact, employees squander away an average of 1.86 hours per eight-hour workday on something other than their jobs. What’s more, lost productivity comes with at a hefty price tag. Employee wastefulness costs U.S. employers an estimated $544 billion in lost productivity each year.

Your contact center agents are a critical part of your business. They can either be your best assets, helping to increase customer satisfaction, or a liability. And while it’s important to trust your agents, you must also protect your company’s reputation and bottom line by ensuring that each agent is performing to the best of his or her ability.

To help gain a better understanding of how much time agents spend on certain activities throughout the course of their day and get a better picture of the total customer interaction — whether they’re at their desk, in the back office or at home — contact centers are increasingly turning to workforce optimization software to ensure agent productivity.

With workforce optimization, managers can determine how many agents are on the phone, track and monitor agents, and examine agent activity, before, during and after a call through speech and desktop analytics – including how many email responses it took to solve a problem, how they researched the problem and more.

By tracking and monitoring agents, managers are able to determine what actions to take to help improve performance. Moreover, contact center supervisors can use agent performance data to customize coaching and training programs to address specific issues.

To learn more about workforce optimization, click here.

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