You Have Voice of the Customer Data, Now What?

Posted by Linda Caudle

4/15/14 1:56 PM


Now that you’ve gathered a wealth of customer data, what’s next? In today’s hyper competitive marketplace, it’s not enough to just gather customer intelligence; you have to put it to work. Below are four ways businesses can utilize voice of the customer data to improve their overall business operations:Provide customer insight. Voice of the Customer (VoC) data gives you a window into the thoughts, feelings, desires, and preferences of customers. Every customer interaction, no matter how brief or routine, gathers data about customer habits, likes, and dislikes. Put this data to work by using it to enhance the customer experience.

Build brand loyalty. VoC data brings to light why customers abandon your site or walk away from your business, as well as why they choose to stay and become loyal, repeat customers. Use VoC data to identify the products and services customers most value, and discover what they’d like to see more of from your company.

Measure success. VoC data can highlight where your customer service improvement efforts are working, and where you still have holes to fill. Hearing what customers have to say about your business and its core competencies can inform strategic decisions and drive service and sales initiatives.

Drive coaching and training initiatives. Use the customer data to gain a clear picture of everything an agent says or does during a customer interaction. With this enhanced view of both sides of the customer interaction, businesses can leverage VoC data to enable agents to become more efficient and productive.
Gathering voice of the customer data is just the beginning. The next step is to effectively apply it to your business in order to achieve measureable results.

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